Five tips for your holidays in Essen

Tip 1: The heath

  • the heath of Kalmthout
  • the heath "Oude Buisse Heide"
  • The heath "Rucphense Heide"
  • De Brabantse Wal
  • De Wouwse Plantage

Tip 2: Cycling and walking

  • Dense cycle node network
  • A lot of flowered roadsides
  • Walking node network in the Netherlands is partly available
  • Walking node network "De Kempense Heide" 
  • Touch & Co creates your walking and cycle routes

Tip 3: The touristic 'gates' of Essen:

  • The "Kiekenhoeve" with "Karrenmuseum": open air museum with authentic vehicles
  • The "Bakkersmolen" with steam and bakery museum
  • The "Bosrust" with playground, miniature golf, agrogolf and a corn labyrinth  

Tip 4: Terraces in the small villages.

  • Enjoy a terrace after a walking or cycle trip at both sides of the border.

Tip 5: Visitor's centre "de Tasberg"

  • Multimedia presentations
  • Interactive computers
  • Inspiration for your vacation
  • GPS/PDA applications