Backpacking tourism in "De Noordertuin van de Antwerpse Kempen"

The construction of the walking node network, as well in Noord-Brabant as in de Antwerpse Kempen, is thé moment to promote backpacking tourism. Several citeria are established:

  • Stages between 20 and 25 kms
  • As many slow roads as possible
  • Crossing enchanting nature areas, full of culture and history
  • Adequate accommodation
  • The peat exploitation, a thriving business in this region between AD 1350 and AD 1750, must be visible during the walks

Sleeping accommodation can be a camping site, a hiker's cabin, B&B’s and hotels. There are several restaurants nearby.

The connecting paths between the sleeping accommodations are called "peat paths". When you stay longer at one location a number of looped trails of about 20 to 25 kms are composed, which we call "tuinpaden".   We also have een some "kuierpaden", each of them 8 to 10 kms long. All paths can be walked with:

  • the walking node network
  • the topograhic map
  • a road description

In visitor's centre "De Tasberg" you'll find all practical information and related maps.

How to pack your rucksack or backpack?

When you're hiking for a couple of days, you'll need a backpack. It can weigh heavier when it is not packed in  an appropriate way. The heaviest things -a tent for example- should be as close as possible to your back and your shoulders. The luggage should be equally divided between left and right, so that your body is in perfect balance. If you want to find out if your backpack fits, put some weight in it in the shop. It is important that the length of the backside is perfectly set on your upper body. The lap belt must be wide enough and rest adequately on your pelvis.