Visitor centre "De Tasberg"

The origin of the haystack or the typical “Tasberg”  is related to the latest bronze age (1500 year B.C.). For a long time a Tasberg was a farm building to store hay, straw and other harvest crops. The removable roof, that was covered with reed, is mostly supported by 4 oak poles  or rods, On the roof there are sometimes a sort of 'mats' to stop the rain and wind. Since the end of the 20th century “Tasbergs” have known a revival, because these days they also function as a home or a Bed & Breakfast.

For people coming from the Netherlands "De Tasberg" is a touristic gate leading to an interesting and attractive region.

Next to the typical flyers and leaflets visitor centre “De Tasberg” also prides itself on its ICT equipment, such as computers and TV-screens (since October 2009). These modern media do not only offer information, but  also inspiration: "experiencing" is the keyword. You can get inspiration in a creative and interactive way so that your stay will be unforgettable. Moreover “De Tasberg” offers you the latest updated information on an information kiosk.