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Welcome in Essen!

Essen sparkles like a diamond among the most attractive nature areas of the "Antwerpse and Noord-Brabantse Kempen" : the "Grenspark Kalmthoutse Heide", the "Wouwse plantage", the "Brabantse Wal", the "Maatjes", the "Oude Buisse Heide", the "Rucphense Heide" and the "Rozenven".
Essen situates itself amidst a mosaic of small villages with nice terraces. Within the horizon of Essen you find Schijf, Horendonk, Nieuwmoer, Nispen, Wouwse Plantage, Huijbergen, Essen-Hoek, Heikant and Wildert. We guarantee you a pleasant stay!
Logically that Essen and its attractive surroundings were chosen to build a very dense cycle node network. Also the walking node network is finished and guides you through the various magnificent nature areas.

Start at the visitor's centre "De Tasberg" to get inspiration for a creative interpretation of your stay in Essen and neighbourhood.